The vintages

2022 Hot and dry spring and summer, several rains which saved the harvest between mid-August and early September, excellent grape health, balanced wines, very good aging potential

2021 Cool and rainy spring and summer, good grape health, above-average harvest quantity, particularly elegant wines, good aging potential

2020 Spring with sufficient rain, hot summer, cool autumn, normal yield, elegant and balanced wines, good aging potential

2019 Cool spring and autumn, warm summer, good yields, very elegant wines, beautiful harmony and good aging potential

2018 Cool and very rainy spring, warm summer and autumn, low yields, nice freshness and ripe tannins, very good aging potential

2017 Warm autumn, very ripe tannins, low yields, Sumptuous wines, intense fruit, early drinkability

2016 Cool spring, very hot summer, cool autumn, good quantities, very ripe tannins, rich fruit of the wines

2015 Very hot summer, cool and rainy autumn, good quantities, wines with expressive aromas, early drinkability

2014 Warm winter with little rainfall, unusually cool and wet summer, heavy thunderstorms at the end of the harvest, good acidity, no Grande Réserve, harmonious and elegant wines

2013 Cool spring, rainy summer, beautiful autumn, harvest three weeks later than usual, very ripe tannins and good acidity, wines with great freshness and minerality, long ageing wines

2012 Cool spring, warm summer, for the first time all vineyards are in full production, harmonious and elegant wines, long ageing of the wines

2011 Hot and dry summer, ripe tannins, powerful wines, very good length, slightly shorter ageing of the wines

2010 Beautiful summer, autumn cool and breezy, elegant wines, long ageing of the wines

2009 Very dry and hot summer, powerful wines, very little harvest, average ageing of the wines

2008 Cool autumn, spicy wines, great structure and minerality, no Grande Reserve, good ageing

2007 Hot summer, powerful and elegant wines, less acidity, first production of the Grande Réserve, average ageing

2006 First vinification in our own wine cellar, rain during harvest, heterogeneous ripeness of the tannins, high acidity, first production of the Réserve, heterogeneous ageing

2005 First vintage produced, very hot autumn, very little production, only Faugères produced, strong minerality, wines full of character with notes of very ripe fruits, good ageing