The crates arrive at the cellar
Pierre supervises the fermentation
Olivier prepares the press
Peggy washes the boilers
Handwork during pressing
After pressing

The vinification and ageing of our wines in the cellar is done with as much care as possible allowing the terroir to express itself and show its minerality, freshness and elegance. Our grapes come from a natural viticulture resulting in naturally harmonious wines with high levels of tannins, alcohol and acidity, which protects the wines from oxidation as well as microbial spoilage. It is therefore not necessary to use additives in our wines.

Each vineyard parcel is vinified separately and fermented with indigenous yeasts from our vineyards. We ferment the must on the skins for 3 to 5 weeks. Depending on the cuvee, ageing takes place for one or two years, mainly in vats with a small part in French oak barriques. Before bottling we protect our wines with a very low dose of sulphur.