Wilde fennel in the vineyards
Chestnut trees everywhere in the mountains
Bright rockrose in the garrigue
Natternkopf (echium vulgare)
Erikasträucher (erica multiflora) in der Garrigue
Blooming rockrose
Sweet peaches in the old vineyards
Plum-tree (prunus spinosa) in the garrigue
Bloomimg thyme (thymus) in the garrigue
Ripe crowardly
Wilde rose (rosa canica) around the vineyards
Extendes forests in the Cevennes Mountains

Intact forest and scrubland
The hills and mountains around Faugères are largely covered by forests. The most prominent one is the oak tree (quercus ilex), and on the acids slate soils chestnut trees are also widespread. Many species of animals have a protected life habitat in this area.

An impressive variety of Mediterranean plants grows in the scrubs, particularly prevalent are the cyst (helianthemum), thyme (thymus), heather (erica multiflora), broom (genesta) and the wild rose (rosa canica).

Rich flora and fauna in the vineyards
Thanks to our biodynamic work there is a rich flora and fauna in our vineyards. We have identified more than 50 varieties of plants, but there are probably many more. The most common are wild fennel (foeniculum vulgare), wild carrot (carota daucus), wild oats (avena fatuca), spurge harvest (euphorbia segetalis), wild lettuce (latuca saviola), the purple timber (malva sylvestris), leek vines (allium polyanthum), rocket (eruca sativa) and field marigold (calendula arvensis).

In the midst of our old vines are vine peach, almond and fig trees. There have been here as long as the vines. To keep up with raditions and to increase biodiversity we planted olive trees around some of our vine plots. The variety of insects, particularly butterflies, as well as birds in our vineyards is impressive. At the moment we are building nests for our bats.

The vitality of flora and fauna is very important for biodiversity and the natural balance of pests in our vineyards.